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Did You Paint This?
We would like to invite you to an exhibition.

Were you at Wembley on Sunday 11th July 2021 before the Italy v England Euro Final? 
Do you remember seeing this canvas? What did you paint? How did you feel? 

At GladArtWorks we know Everyone Is An Artist and we love it when people collaborate to make art. We prepared a special canvas on the day of the Euros final and rocked up at Wembley to see if anyone fancied painting. We had about 50 people take part sharing their feelings through paint. 

GLAD (the artist) explains how the artwork created by fans got it's title:  'GOOD TIMES'.  "There was this perfect goosebump moment when thousands were singing 'Sweet Caroline'. It felt like a peak once in a lifetime joy. Hopefully the painting has captured this."  

"In all the chaos of dishing out paint and brushes and chatting with fans the vibe swept up.  We're reaching out to try and track down our artistic collaborators"  

GladArtWorks will be staging an art exhibition with 'GOOD TIMES' having it's World Premiere appearance.

Please do leave your details with us so we can invite you.

The special exhibition Private View will take place in London in November. 

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