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My name is GLAD, aka John Lilley.  I’m a self-taught ‘Outsider’ visual artist from London.  I share my studio HQ and work alongside my part-time collaborator Sparky (The Studio Cat In Residence) a renowned artist in their own right. 


I’ve been exploring all types of art (across all disciplines from classical to street), for more than three decades. I have a BSC (Hons) Biology degree and have had the privilege of working in the TV industry for most of my career. In this time a passion to share creativity has led to a tonne of art experiences through self-taught trial and error.  There are a lot of fun memories, like the meeting of minds with incredible artists like Mr Brainwash or was it Banksy? Plus, Tracy Emin, Damien Hirst, and Anthony Gormley. Collaborating in the Saatchi Gallery Opening in 2003 as part of Spencer Tunick’s showpiece installation was a huge turning point for our art practice.  It was a gift to learn how to overcome the inner critic and ‘feel no fear’. A true revelation.   

Scales Of Worth’ (2017) is our seminal studio sculpture and ‘gender pay protest’ piece. This was officially rejected twice by Royal Academy Summer Show (officially open to all). We responded by showing the work at Salon des Refusés hosted by Happenstance in Islington and Mayfair galleries courtesy of Art Below 2017.  It later made a guest appearance via projection onto the Houses of Parliament.  ‘Scales of Worth’ is destined for retail space in Selfridges London. In 2018 for International Women’s Day we shared truth with our political leaders projecting graffitied messages from women onto The Houses of Parliament.


Flash forward to late summer 2020 when we ‘bottled it no more’ by quitting the day job to pursue artistic passions. We’ll be creating holistic pieces, indulgent commissions, and prepping towards a number of big inclusive gallery shows in the next few months and years (we’ll announce details on these soon).


We’ll teach and share how to unleash your innate artistry through a series of tutorials across our Instagram channel. Please do stay in touch and tell us what you long to see, learn and create. 

Everyone Is An Artist.  Art Starts Anywhere.  Art starts here.  

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